Gulfers in the Basement is a podcast/videocast/blog run by four seminary friends living in off-campus housing on Gulf Drive; a small community of students who attend Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO. Each of our apartments has a large basement that many of us use for study space (…or gaming, or movies, or a massive play-place for our kids) – thus the name, Gulfers in the Basement.

The four seminary friends are:

Tim Woody


Tim Woody is married to Shaela who is also a student at Covenant Seminary. He has two daughters, Evalea and Adelie. He started his MDiv at Covenant Summer of 2015. He loves reading, gaming, painting and splitting wood. He just celebrated his 30th birthday this January.




Zac Carrera


Zac Carrera is married to Annie, a teacher at the local KIPP Academy. They made their trek to St. Louis from Miami, FL in the fall of 2015 so that Zac may pursue an MDiv at Covenant Theological Seminary. They love reading, and eating at Sugarfire. Fun fact: Zac may not make it out of seminary alive if Annie is not able to get a dog before then.


Rob Corwin

Rob Corwin just moved to St. Louis from Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Hannah. In 2012 he graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN then moved to Pittsburgh to help with a church plant. He lived in Pittsburgh for three years and in the second year married Hannah. Rob is passionate about evangelism and reaching out to the young, postmodern generation who are seeking answers about religion. He has found Covenant to be the perfect place to prepare to share the gospel in a postmodern world.



Zach Buchholz

Z1526772_612039355606962_8402905019286779643_nach and Meagan moved to St. Louis from up Norse, located in the Twin Cities, MN. They met in undergrad at a Christian college in St. Paul, MN where Zach studied Pastoral Ministry and Meagan studied English Literature and Writing.  Shortly after wedding, Zach served at a PCA church plant as the Ministry Intern for two years before pursuing  his M. Div at Covenant Theological Seminary.  Zach loves Jesus, pizza, coffee, gaming, and puppies.


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